My Journey as a Drum and Bass Artist

I am an emerging Drum and Bass artist based in the Medway area, passionately representing Drum and Bass and Jungle music.

From a young age, my fascination with music, particularly the allure of commanding a microphone on stage, has been a driving force in my life. The ability to captivate an audience through performance has always resonated deeply with me since my youth.

Throughout my life, I’ve been influenced by a diverse range of musical genres including rap, reggae, ska, dancehall, and many more. The variety of genres that have shaped my musical journey is vast and continuously evolving.

In my younger years, I was introduced to Drum and Bass music through the sounds of old school tape packs played by my sister and babysitter. From that moment, I distinctly remember sensing that this music was truly something unique and impactful.




Several years later, I faced a significant setback when I was diagnosed with cancer. This pause in my journey temporarily disrupted my plans, but not for long.

As soon as I received the all-clear, I dove right back into practicing and networking within the Drum and Bass scene.

A few years later, my friend—who was a DJ—and I decided to actively pursue a career in Drum and Bass music.

We began by hosting live streams on social media from the spare room of my mother’s house, and shortly thereafter, we secured regular shows at our local radio station, “Code Red Radio.”

This success led to bookings at local parties and events, which felt like a significant achievement for us at the time.





Afterward, I relocated to the Medway area where my mother managed local pubs. It was during this time that the vibrant local Drum and Bass scene began hosting events every fortnight at my mother’s venue.

It was there that my passion for Drum and Bass was able to flourish and grow. Each week, I had the privilege of witnessing local DJs and MCs, along with occasional headliners, showcase their talents on the mic and decks. This experience deeply fueled my love for the genre.

As I matured, my passion for Drum and Bass music became integral to my identity. I dedicated myself to honing my skills as an MC, spending countless hours practicing and refining my ability to spit bars in front of friends. This commitment became a fundamental part of who I am today.

Over time, my passion for Drum and Bass continued to intensify, and the Drum and Bass nights at my mother’s pub persisted, further fueling my dedication to the music scene.

From there, we were booked to perform at events such as NEXT HYPE and INNOVATION.

A couple of years later, we made the decision to part ways and pursue our careers independently.

As I continued to pursue Drum and Bass, my passion for the music only grew stronger.

Now, I am proud to say that I have played in various locations throughout the UK and have progressed to performing at main events and sold-out shows.

Come follow my personal webpage to have an insight to my career, my upcoming events and much more!